Berlin – Prost!

Me with bear smallWie gehts?

Last month, I spent three memorable days in Berlin. I’m due to get married next year and so my great friends decided to take me on an adventure filled weekend in Germany’s legendary capital city.

Over the course of the weekend, we got to see the many awesome sights the city has to offer, from the Reichstag to the Brandenburg Gate to the remnants of the Berlin wall. Needless to say, we also managed to sample quite a few of Berlin’s brews!

Over the course of my next couple of posts, I will recount some of the beers we sampled during our Berliner Ausflug.

Berliner Kindl
The staple beer of Berlin. You’ll find it anywhere – bars, shops, supermarkets restaurants, street food stalls, vending machines. As mass-produced lagers go, this one isn’t too bad, either as an immediate thirst quencher or as a session beer. It’s by no means exceptional, but it deserves a mention all the same.

Berliner Kindl (2)

Berliner Kindl

Maisel’s Weisse
Brewed by Brauerei Gebrüder Maisel, this is exactly what I would have expected for a German wheat beer. Medium-bodied, fruity, creamy texture, frothy head with a hint of spice in the aftertaste. It’s a bit too heavy for a session beer, but certainly one that can be enjoyed at a steady pace.

Maisel's Weisse (SMALL)

Maisel’s Weisse

Holy Shit Ale
With a name like this, how could you not be curious to give it a go? Brewed by Brauhaus Südstern, this imperial IPA definitely packs a punch at 10% ABV.  Full-bodied and extra sweet, this beer needs to be sipped slowly. Worth a try, but I probably wouldn’t have two in a row.

Holy Shit Ale (small)

Holy Shit Ale


Me with stein (SMALL)



Guys with beer

A great bunch of guys!




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