Beer of the week: Scarborough Fair IPA

Here in the UK, we’re enjoying an unusually hot August Bank Holiday weekend, with barbecue and beach enticing weather. Unfortunately for me, I neither own a barbecue nor live near a beach. I did however stock up on some great beers to see me through the 28C of summer heat. For this week’s brew review, I thought I’d share my thoughts on one of those beers, a tasty IPA from Scarborough in the lovely county of Yorkshire.

I came across Scarborough Fair IPA last week in my local supermarket. As I’ve not tried any beers from Wold Top Brewery before, I was keen to give this one a go. After pouring it and letting it settle for a bit, I got a rich hazy golden colour. The aroma was sweet and floral, with a hint of toffee, but not quite as pronounced as some other IPAs I’ve come across recently.  On first sip, this beer was quite pleasant on the tongue; velvety and moderately carbonated, with a smooth overall texture. The taste was refreshing, distinctly hoppy and citrusy with a faint note of honey in there somewhere. The aftertaste was considerably less bitter than what you may expect for an IPA; for me, this was one of the memorable features of this beer.

All in all, Scarborough Fair is a decent, tasty, refreshing IPA. Perhaps not a session beer, but one I’d certainly have again.

I’m eager to discover some of the other brews that Yorkshire has on offer; suggestions most welcome!


Scarborough IPA (SMALL)

Scarborough Fair IPA

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