Pistonhead Flat Tire Lager

Swedish flagSkål!

This week’s brew review looks at a Swedish dry-hopped lager called Pistonhead Flat Tire. I picked this up recently in Morrison’s supermarket along with a selection of other beers I’ve not yet tried.

Brewed by Spendrups brewery in Sweden, Flat Tire is a light bodied lager with a cloudy, gold appearance. The mouthfeel is very smooth, crisp and clean and it is moderately carbonated.

This beer is certainly pleasant to the palate. The flavour is unmistakably zesty, grassy and hoppy with notes of tropical fruits such as lemon and lime. It has an aroma to match with a strong floral/tropical whiff. The aftertaste is mildly bitter and spicy. All in all, I found this to be a great summer beer and certainly one I’d have again. I’ve not come across it yet on tap; only in cans. The brewery has a number of other beers which I’m also keen to give a go.

Pictured below next to my Aston DB5……

Flat tire lager (SMALL)

Pistonhead Flat Tire lager

Disclaimer: fintansbrewbook.com does not encourage drink-driving……

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