Beer of the week: Harbour Antipodean IPA

Cornwall flagFatla genes (how are you)? 

Have you ever come across the Cornish language? Perhaps not. It is part of the Celtic family of languages along with Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Manx and Breton. This week’s brew review looks at a tasty IPA from the Cornwall region on the south-west coast of England. In addition to being known for its picturesque landscapes and its tasty treats like Cornish pasties, Cornish fairings and clotted cream, Cornwall’s reputation for excellent beers is also growing rapidly.

Harbour Antipodean IPA
Brewed by the Harbour Brewing Co which was established in 2012, Antipodean IPA is a solid addition to the ever growing community of IPAs. After pouring it (carefully) into the glass, I allowed my nose to linger for a moment and immediately detected a rich aroma with notes of various tropical fruits. Once it settled, there was a deep, hazy amber/gold colour topped off with a creamy head.

After my first sip, my initial impression was that of a medium bodied, slightly bready, slightly smokey IPA. As I worked my way down the glass, my taste buds began to concur with my nose and I picked up on all those wonderful tropical fruity flavours – mango, lime and lemon to name a few.

Harbour IPA (can on glass)

The aftertaste is mildly bitter, as you’d expect for a good IPA. All in all, this is a solid IPA and well worth a try if you manage to come across it.

This is the first brew I’ve tried from Harbour Brewing Co but I’m eager to sample some of the others they have on offer!

Harbour IPA

Yeghes da! (Cheers)

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