Beer of the Week: King of Hearts

I’ve played a bit of poker from time to time. Always with plastic chips mind, never for real money. If I were playing for beer, now that would be a different matter entirely…..

King of Hearts

King of Hearts

I spotted King of Hearts on a shelf one afternoon recently in Soho amongst many other enticing brews and it was undoubtedly the distinctive eye-catching label which drew my attention.

It has sat in my fridge for a couple of weeks amongst a large booty of birthday brews kindly provided by my friends, but last night I decided to crack it open.

King of Hearts has to be one of the smoothest and most refreshing beers I’ve had for quite some time. It has a crisp, citrus flavour with hints of lemon and orange and a bitter, hoppy aftertaste. If you let it linger on the tongue, you’ll also detect notes of peach and apricot which give this beer an all-round fruity flavour and therefore make it a great option for a hot summer’s day – of which we’ve had plenty so far this year in London!

As with all good beers, the pour is key to perfection; if poured properly, you’ll get a hazy golden colour with a thin foamy head – as can be seen in the photo above.

Who brews it?
King of Hearts is brewed by Wild Card Breweries, based in Walthamstow, London. They have a selection of other card-themed brews, which I’ll hopefully get around to trying at some stage soon.

Thanks for reading!

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