Beers of the week: Big Wave, De Koninck & White Riot

June has been a month of blistering summer heat here in London. Lucky for me however, I discovered some great beers to help keep me cool on the long summer evenings!

Big Wave
This brew is native to Hawaii, and it’s what I call a summer beer. Right from the first sip, Big Wave is refreshingly smooth and fruity with a hoppy aroma. The dark golden colour is apparently down to the use of caramel malt.

Big Wave (Hawaii)


De Koninck
An old favourite from my days living in Belgium. Not quite as light and refreshing as Big Wave, this beer is nevertheless rich in flavour as well as colour, with hints of caramel, toffee as well as a note of fruits. The aroma is quite yeasty.

De Konnick


Uprising White Riot
Last but not least, we have White Riot, a pale ale from Windsor & Eton Brewery. The taste is crisp, zesty and hoppy with a bitter aftertaste. The aroma is fruity with a distinct hint of orange. In case you are wondering, the bottle opener gadget was a gift from my fiancée who recently visited the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.

White Riot pale ale



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