Brews in Brum!

I recently started a new job which entails regular travel to Birmingham. I must admit to having been mostly unfamiliar with Britain’s second largest city until I started coming here and to a great extent, I still am.

On a recent trip ‘up north’ however, I decided to go for a bit of a wander one evening in search of somewhere to eat and I discovered ‘The Stable’.

Situated on John Bright Street, a stone’s throw from Birmingham New Street Station, one of the city’s biggest transport hubs, The Stable has a lively, but relaxed atmosphere with tasteful decor and friendly, knowledgeable staff.


As the front facade would suggest, the bar specialises more in cider than in beer. Nevertheless, they do sport a decent selection of beers if cider isn’t your thing; in truth it isn’t mine.

I decided to try one of the bar’s sourdough pizzas, because, as everyone knows, beer and pizza were made to go together! Each pizza on the menu has been given a quirky name such as The Blazing Saddle or The James Brindley. I tried The ‘Nduja like it? and I wasn’t disappointed…… see below!


Nduja Like It?



The Stable, Birmingham


Veltins Pilsner



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