Beer of the week: Lucky Buddha – from China

Flag of ChinaNi hao! Today’s featured beer is Lucky Buddha from China. Every beer is easily distinguishable by its unique label. There are relatively few breweries however, which go to the trouble of making the bottle the distinguishing feature.

Yesterday, my fiancée took me to a musical in London’s West End theatre district as a birthday treat and afterwards we popped into the lively and elegant Circus cocktail bar which is situated nearby. Whilst the venue naturally specialises in cocktails, I did discover on the menu Lucky Buddha, which I was eager to give a try, particularly given the eye-catching detail that goes into the bottle.  I could go on a bit more about the bottle, but I suspect you’ll be more interested in hearing about what lies within it……

Lucky Budha Beer 2.jpg

Lucky Buddha

Lucky Buddha, which is brewed in China at the Thousand Island Lake, is a very mild lager with a singular crisp and refreshing taste. It doesn’t hold its head, but it certainly keeps its flavour, right from the first sip to the last. The colour is a very pale hue of gold and looking closely at the the ornate glass it was served in above, it could easily have been mistaken for whisky. Rest assured however, the taste is unmistakably that of a lager. I had Lucky Buddha on its own, but I suspect it’d be a great beer to compliment a range of foods, particularly spicy dishes.

Me in Circus (Covent Garden

Me enjoying Lucky Buddha!



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