Beer of the week: 1936 – Beer from the Swiss Alps

Swiss FlagGrüezi! Today’s featured beer is 1936, a distinctly mild pilsner from Switzerland. I picked it up a few weeks ago at my favourite beer repository near Soho in central London and have been eager to give it a try.

The 1936 brewery proudly describes the key ingredient as being ‘crystal spring water from the Alps’ which I think is certainly noticeable given the distinctly crisp and refreshing taste. 1936 has no detectable hints of any particular flavour other than what you would typically expect for a pilsner. Nevertheless, given the range of pils/lagers on the market, it’s nice to occasionally land upon something a bit more traditional. 1936 beer.JPG

I enjoyed this beer on its own, but given its mild flavour, I expect 1936 would go particularly well with food which I may well put to the test soon……




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